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Savitur EsScents Creations

Savitur has created a line of "Signature EsScents" with a few of the exotic oils and that has evolved into custom concoctions that have been made publicly available.  Also a "wild crafted" 'Deo-EsScents' has been formulated for a one of a kind Signature Scent. Each batch is uniquely crafted with the same oils, in softly different amounts; ensuring a slight variation and fresh scent with each new purchase.

Check them out!

Jaswood~ Jasmine, sambac (Night blooming) and Sandalwood in Jojoba oil

Uma Lakshmi Lotus~ An exquisite blend of Jasmine (sambac) Orange & Rose absolute in Jojoba oil

Calming Grace~ A supple combination of Frangipani (plumeria) and Sandalwood in Jojoba