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Signature Creations by Savitur

As Somah creates "Custom blends" both for herself and for customers, those that are huge hits, make it to the 'Signature Scent' shelf.

These are ALL great in a diffuser: 

Bistro Cafe: be aware a small amount of Jojoba is in this blend; clean diffuser regularly

Grounded Clarity: Pure blend; rub on the bottoms of the feet before "getting clear"

Clarity of the Mind: Pure blend; can drop 2-5 drops in palms and deeply inhale

Wisdom: Pure blend; also fantastic on the bottoms of feet before bed or meditation

TRULIE Calm: Pure blend; is wonderful to inhale a few drops from the palms of hands for instant relaxation.. can go on the bottoms of feet in the morning for a calm invigoration.

Holiday Pine Cone: Pure blend; a great Men's scent to shift 'beard oil' that is home made