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A Beginners Suggestion

When people ask "Where do I begin?"...

Savitur Botanicals has compiled a list of single oils, personal EsScents, diffuser creations, wellness blends, hydrosols and even incense to get you started. 

Click on the products to gain further information regarding application and usage:

Eucalyptus, Radiata (India)
Frankincense, Serrata (India)
Good Samaritan (ECOCERT)
Immunity Boost (ECOCERT)
Incense by Savitur
Lavender, Kashmir (Himalayan)
Motia (Night Blooming Jasmine) Hydrosol
Orange, Sweet (ECOCERT)
Peppermint (India)
Rose Hydrosol (India)
Rosemary, Cineol
Sinus Formula (ECOCERT)
Sleep Aid (ECOCERT)
Tea Tree (India)
Trulie Calming Blend